Caléro is three experimented vocalists who developed their talent following a very different artistic path. Magic happens when the tenor Daniel-S. Côté and Jacob Roberge meet the baritone Denis Lamontagne, to offer a seamless acoustic harmony. With the melody of musicals, classical and popular singing, the versatility of the trio allows them to perform and six languages. Thanks to the unique musical arrangements, each musical piece has been worked to bring out the qualities of each voice. These powerful melodies will touch you emotionally, offering a unique convivial experience. Following the release of their first album at the Palais Montcalm on November 2017, Caléro has started performing in front of different audiences, generating an enthusiastic reaction at every encounter. The audience is charmed by the energy and the sensibility that the trio emits. Caléro holds the keys to move and captivate their audience.

Daniel-S, Côté

The renaissance of a passion

              Daniel holds a wide experience in stage arts. From a very young age, he participates in many singing contests in the Quebec region. At 17 years old, he directs his own choir before being admitted as a tenor for the prestigious Troupe V'là l'Bon Vent. Within the Troupe, his voice matures and he learns to dance and move on stage. Daniel also participates in many projects as a chorister, as well as two music videos with Celine Dion, and a performance with the group Foreigner. Over time, he has performed in hundreds of shows in Quebec and Ontario with the Troupe V'là l'Bon Vent. After an 18 year hiatus where he discovers and perfects his abilities in visual arts, he returns to music by producing an exclusive show. He then returns to his roots as a chorister and set designer for the Troupe V'là l'Bon Vent. These recent years, he participates in the montage and the staging of five plays of the vocal ensemble, presented at the Salle Albert Rousseau of Quebec, at the Imperial Bell and the Centre d'Art la Chapelle. Desiring bettering his vocal technique, Daniel pursued improvement with Madame Cécile Bédard, a professor of classical music in Quebec. He then meets two of her students, Denis and Jacob. The classical and popular vocal trio now takes form.

Jacob Roberge

Music in all its forms

               Jacob has been immersed in music since he was a child. He starts his first singing class at the age of 10 and starts playing the piano at 12 years old. He then knows that his life will be centered around music. Jacob has trained for many years in classical singing (tenor), musical theory, musical dictation and musical literature. Touching every aspect, he is a composer of many different styles of music, as well as being a multi-instrumentalist (piano, guitar, electric bass, bouzouki drums, ukulele). During these recent years, Jacob has been part of the Choeur de l'Opera of Quebec as a countertenor and can be heard as a soloist and duo in the concerts of the class of Madame Cécile Bédard. He also obtained the role as Kurt in the musical La Mélodie du Bonheur presented in Quebec and plays the lead within two operettas at college level. Even as the youngest, Jacob completes the vocal trio marvelously thanks to his varied musical aptitudes. He assumes Caléro's vocal and instrumental arrangements with brilliance.

Denis Lamontagne

From radio to stage

            It's when hearing a song by Bruno Pelletier on the radio that Denis felt the strong urge to develop his voice. He then meets Madame Cécile Bédard, vocal professor in Quebec. It's 1999. If the first meeting was difficult, the work and perseverance allow Denis to devellop a great potential. To this day, he has been produced in some thirty concerts under the direction of Madame Bédard. He can also be heard in the operetta Les 3 Mousquetaires and in the parody, Les Arpents Verts, created by Vincent Coulombe and the production, A Fiddler on the Roof in the role of Tevye the Dairyman. Thus, from parodies to operettas and classical singing, Denis has developed over the years a versatility that makes him a powerful baritone. Driven by his passion for popular and classical singing, he joins Daniel and Jacob in 2016 to form the vocal trio Caléro.

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