Denis Lamontagne

From radio to stage

            Its when hearing a song by Bruno Pelletier on the radio that Denis is filled with the desire to develop his voice. He then meets Madame Cécile Bédard, vocal professor in Quebec. It is 1999. Even if his first encounter is difficult, the work and perseverance allow Denis to develop a much greater potential. To this day, he has been produced within some 30 concerts under the direction of Madame Bédard. He can be heard in particular in the operetta The Three Musketeers, in the parody of the Green Acres created by Vincent Coulombe and in a production of A Fiddler on the Roof in the role of Tevye the Dairyman. Thus, from parody to operetta as well as classical singing, Denis has developed a versatility that makes him a powerful baritone. Driven by his passion for classical and popular music, he joins Daniel and Jacob in 2016 to form the vocal trio Caléro.

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